(2nd Aug — 16Aug)

Hii again !!😄

Now we’re in the last working week of the GSOC 2021 period.

In the previous blog, I mentioned that we were focusing on the spotting algorithm. Also, the mentioned approaches in this blog, with our own spotting functions will be the independent approaches…

(18th July — 1 Aug)

Hii There!

In the last week, we got an F-score of 0.86 with our Lookup test3. so we started analyzing our approach this week to find where are we losing the rest of the score.

Mostly we are losing our score on two points -

(5th July — 18th July)

Hey again!

So last week we implemented a new approach using Dbepdia lookup and comparing with the complete question. …

(21st June — 4th July)

Hello, Hii, hola!!

The last 2 weeks were enthralling, we started with separating samples from our datasets that contained questions, benchmark entities, predicted entities, and their precision and recall score. eg- falcon dataset. …

Week 1 and 2 (7th to 20th June)

Hey there!😄

In the previous blog, I had mentioned the problem with the Entity linking method. After discussion with my mentors, I got to know about DBpedia spotlight and Falcon. It provides an API to annotate the entities in the sentence. Falcon has a better F-score than Spotlight. …

Hii again!!😉

Welcome to the community bonding blog. This period was indeed very busy but great. On 28th May, I had the first meeting with my mentors Edgard Marx, Nausheen Fatma, Thiago Castro Ferreira, and Diego Moussallem. The meeting was amazing, everyone gave their introduction and the overall vibe was…

Introduction -

Hi there!!😀

Welcome to my GSoC blog. My Name is Ashutosh kumar and my proposal has been accepted in Google Summer of Code with DBpedia. All thanks to my project mentor Edgard Marx, for helping me in drafting my proposal. I am very excited to start the project…

Ashutosh Kumar (GSoC @DBpedia 2021 blogs)

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