Introduction -

Hi there!!😀

Welcome to my GSoC blog. My Name is Ashutosh kumar and my proposal has been accepted in Google Summer of Code with DBpedia. All thanks to my project mentor Edgard Marx, for helping me in drafting my proposal. I am very excited to start the project and looking forward to the community bonding period as I will get to know my other mentors Nausheen Fatma, Thiago Castro Ferreira, Diego Moussallem, and other GSoC participants. I am looking forward to achieve great learning and experience in this summer.🤞

Good news!!

Flashback- It was 17th May (D-day), at 11:30 pm IST GSoC was going to announce the result. I was waiting for the result, and as I was constantly checking the phone, exactly at 11:13 pm, I got a mail from GSoC which said “Hi Ashutosh Kumar-1, Your proposal DBpedia Live Neural Question Answering Chatbot — GSoC2021 has been accepted!

Let’s Dive in :)

This project aims to build a live chatbot version of the DBpedia Neural Question Answering dataset DBQNA built using Google Dialogflow, NSPM, and connected to a webhook flask server.

The project will have -

  1. LiberAI/NSpM model API or Google Dialogflow trained on The DBpedia Neural Question Answering (DBNQA) dataset.

The goal of this project is to increase the DBpedia content accessibility and also to enable community evaluation and feedback.

For more details on the project, you can check out my project proposal and my project GitHub repository DBpedia-LiveNeural-Chatbot.

Also, stay tuned for the upcoming Blog on the Community bonding period.

Thank you!! ✨✨